A study on word coinage in MotoGP World Championship

Sari, Yesi Permata (2011) A study on word coinage in MotoGP World Championship. Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Katolik Widya Mandala Madiun.

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This study discusses word coinage. It is concerned with the kinds of word coinage on MotoGP World Championship and the process of the formation words of the term in MotoGP World Champinship. This research is descriptive in nature, which involves the following steps:collecting, classifying,and analyzing data. The source of the data is the article of MotoGP that is taken from http://www.motogp.com/en/About+MotoGP The population of this research is all the words undergoing word coinage processes. The technique applied to take the sample was purposive sampling. The referential equivalence method was applied to describe the derived words undergoing word coinage. While to describe the process of the formation of the term, pragmatic equivalence method was used. Furthermore, there are 5 kinds of word coinage found on the MotoGP World Championship to create new words namely, acronymy, clipping,derivation,compounding, and antonomasia. The data analysis showed that word coinage formed through acronymy are 4 (10,4%) in number, word coinage through compounding are 29 (58,4%) in number. It is derived from 21 (41,7%)data of endocentric compound and 8 (16,7%) data of exocentric compound, word coinage through clipping are 5 (10,4%) in number, word coinage through derivation are 6 (12,5%) in number, and word coinage through antonomasia are 4(8,3%) in number. The process of the formation of the word coinage happens in MotoGP World Championship. Most of acronym in MotoGP is formed from theinitial of the word. The next word coinage is compound. The endocentric compound itself formed from the compound noun+noun, compound adjective+noun, compound noun+ajective, and compound verb+noun. While the exocentric compound is formed from compound noun+noun, and compound adjective+noun. Another word coinage is clipping. There are four types of clipping, such as, back clipping,middle clipping, fore clipping, and complex clipping. In this analysis the researcher only finds back clipping. The other word coinage is derivation.Derivation is formed from the base attaches by a prefix or suffix or both of them.Derivational suffix attaches the word; it sometime can change the syntactic category but not always. The others word coinage is antonomasia. It can be formed from the name of person or company and it becomes the brand of the product.

Item Type: Thesis (Undergraduate)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Word coinage, MotoGP World Championship
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